Feed Me Daily is a confessional & motivational blog created by me, Julia Newman. 

I started Feed Me Daily as a fix for the aches that have kept me hungry over the years. Hungers like feeling creepy crawly in my own skin and having an inappropriate and insatiable need for NPR. I was sick of sappy body image blogs, blogs with scads of detox recipes I'd never get around to concocting, and eating disorder blogs that didn't cover food addiction. Do you want release and relief without constantly falling back on old broken habits - no matter if their food related or not? Yeah. Me effing too.

I confess my secrets and also teach what I've learned. I write to feel less alone, to let others feel less alone, and to create something I can be proud of. 

I've had adventures in Depression, social anxiety, impulse texting, filmmaking (with Lena Dunham!...I'm doing it. I'm name-dropping.), and yoga dancing. I bet you've had adventures too! So let's plan BIG THINGS, make mistakes, try again, tell each other to hang in there and then hop in the car and jam with windows down.

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  1. Oh yes, I can relate. Found you via Yes and Yes, and just wanted to say hi and let you know I'll be checking in. Weird coincidence: one of my good friends just shot a film with Lena in it :)

  2. Hello my dear...I just nominated YOU for the Liebster Blog Award! Check my most recent post for more ya!